Specifically designed to assist both your inbound and in-market executives and employees during the relocation process, TOWN's Corporate Services Division is dedicated to providing your clients with unparalleled service, discretion and market expertise.

Selected based on experience, tenure and client-specific expertise, our Relocation Specialists personally reflect TOWN's brand commitment of best-in-class, boutique customer service. Working with our adaptive and responsive corporate services platform, TOWN Relocation Specialists are able to assist with lump sum, allowance, or flexible allowance, relocation plans to maximize efficiency.

At TOWN we understand the value of transitioning your personnel efficiently and comfortably, whether to New York City, within New York City or to any destination, nationally or internationally.


Efficient service begins with a single point of contact. TOWN will assign a seasoned Relocation Specialist, specifically selected as an appropriate fit for your executive or employee, and tasked with providing them with the highest level of customer service, transparency of information, neighborhood experience and professional guidance throughout the process.
From market analysis reports to TOWN's electronic reporting platform, assigned Relocation Specialists maintain comprehensive records throughout the relocation process allowing TOWN to provide you with current status reports consistent with your requirements.
Upon assignment, our Relocation Specialist will conduct an initial personal consultation to discuss the parameters of the relocation package being offered and work with your employee to determine housing and lifestyle needs, as well as well as timing and local market processes and procedures. Our Relocation Specialists are all seasoned navigators of New York City's competitive and unique marketplace and, as such, are well-equipped to guide your executives and employees seamlessly through it.
Based on the personal consultation, our Relocation Specialist will present a customized information package including neighborhood and comprehensive property searches, narrowed down to the best options available in New York City's complex market. For those wishing to have a hands-on involvement in their search, our platform allows for complete, interactive access to the New York City real estate database, allowing them to communicate directly with their Relocation Specialist.
Once prospective properties have been selected, our Relocation Specialist will arrange for transportation and personal viewings of the properties. With extensive neighborhood knowledge, our Relocation Specialist will provide your executive or employee with neighborhood guides, information and personal insight and tips as an initial introduction to the lifestyle and services offered within the neighborhood.
Our corporate clients have complimentary access to our five-star, hotel-style TOWN Concierge services prior to, during, and after their relocation. TOWN Concierge provides assistance with everything from travel, entertainment, and lifestyle plans, to facilitating the transition into your employee's new home and neighborhood.
TOWN's Relocation team is committed to helping your executive or employee settle into the neighborhood that fits them, and their family's lifestyle and needs. With a focus on personalized service we'll help with the basics, like setting up utilities, to providing resources to fine dining, doctors and social networks. Our customized executive suite of services allows you to welcome your executive with a private neighborhood tour, a customized welcome package or executive housing add-ons such as lock changes and interior design.
Completing its best-in-class service, post-relocation, TOWN contacts all corporate relocation clients to make sure they are settled in and fully satisfied with TOWN's Corporate Relocation program and services. By continuously striving for excellence, our goal is to develop long standing relationships by offering an unmatched level of customer service.



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For direct, personal assistance please contact TOWN's Corporate and Relocation Services Division: or (888) 670-8696

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