Women in Real Estate: Claudia Saez-Fromm

Avenue, March 1, 2013

What are some of your career highlights

with respect to being an industry pioneer?

Building a company from the ground up is definitely

a highlight for me. Mark and I started

Mark David & Company ten years ago with some

contacts and experience, but also a lot of faith

and hard work. The opportunities I’ve had to

shape so many lives is something I also consider

a highlight; not just training agents but working

with such awesome people to discover who they

are and how they should approach their confidence,

their careers and their clients. Their victories

are my victories, too!

What distinguishes you from others in

your field?

As an agent and as an entrepreneur, I see success

in real estate come to those who are able

to focus on their niche, and who are able to

understand how people in New York live and

why they live here. When people move into the

city, they have a choice of the lifestyle they

want to live. That’s why I started “The {New

York} Life,” my lifestyle blog, to explore all of

the different ways to experience New York.

I love that people are excited to read about

my take on the New York lifestyle: my career,

mommyhood, fitness—all those things that

make up my days, just like so many other New

York women!

Which of your professional accomplishment(

s) are you most proud of?

Leaving the comfort of a corporate job to start

my career in New York City real estate. My faith

gave me the confidence to build Mark David &

Company over the past decade, and again this

year to elevate our businesses with TOWN Residential.

I’m delighted to see what this new chapter

will bring. Change takes a lot of courage!

In your opinion, what is it that makes

women so successful in real estate?

There’s so much power in being a woman!

Women are natural-born nurturers. We are

great listeners and really do care about people

and their decision-making processes. These inclinations

prime us especially well for successful

careers in real estate.

Any exciting news to share?

Joining TOWN Residential! I look forward to

exploring greater opportunities here, especially

capitalizing on my existing relationships

through TOWN’s unique combination of training,

marketing tools and customer service.

Tell us something about you that most

people don’t know.

I’m shy! Clients don’t see that side of me often

but at the end of the day, it’s there!

How do you spend your free time?
When I am not in the office or with clients, I am

spending time with my kids, Tyler and Sofia.

Also, I’m a huge fitness fiend—I love to dance.

I dabble in photography (I just got a new camera!),

and contribute as a class parent at my

son’s school. I write about all of my hobbies

and experiences on “The {New York} Life.” Creating

this blog and getting to know my readers

has been an awesome way to celebrate


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